Sunday 8 October 2017

KERB's 5th Birthday Party - wth Street Food 'KERBlaborations' in King's Cross

Street food specialist KERB is now 5 years old - that's 5 years of lunchtime markets and special events, and 5 years of giving a start to some of London's biggest street food names, like Club Mexicana, Oh My Dog, and Capish.  To celebrate they're holding a 5th Birthday party in King's Cross, on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October, with special 'KERBlaboration' dishes prices at just a fiver.  I've listed them all below; my picks would be Bleecker x Bao, The Ribman x Oh My Dog, and Club Mexicana x Dosa Deli.  It's a ticketed event - tickets are a fiver + fees - and it will sell out, so make sure you get your tickets!

"KERB’s big 0-5! Every year we’ve celebrated our birthday party under the canopy at King’s Cross. It’s where we started and where we love to come back to, bringing traders new and old together for a big old knees-up.
This year, for the first year EVER we’re bringing back street food famous ‘KERB ALUMNI’  (The Ribman, Bleecker + Bao) to ‘KERBlaborate’ at our party, side-by-side with our current KERBanists and newly hatched inKERBator talent (Greedy Khao, Sheng High, Piadina Project). These are £5 one-off dish creations you will not get to try  ANY WHERE ELSE ON LONDON’S STREETS (a black pudding cheeseburger Taiwanese steamed bun bao?) Just wait till you hear the line-up…
Bleecker  x Bao: two of THE BIGGEST street food titans in London go head to head with the “blao” / “bao-urger” surprise 
The Ribman x Oh My Dog: “The Rib Dog” heritage breed franks piled high with Ribman’s signature “Holy Fuck” hot sauce smothered meat
Mother Clucker x White Men Can’t Jerk: WMCJ brine, MC floured fried jerk chicken
Decatur x Project Sandwich: The ‘Kings Boulevard Bodega’ NYC deli  joint (make-your-own Subway style)
Sheng High x Greedy Khao: (Felix makes a come-back!) to create Thai-Chinese “Khao soi guo tie dumpling” curry soup fusion with Faai and Lee (VEGAN)
Vicky’s x Blu Top: ice cream donut panini toasties (!)
Taco Dave x Cyprus Kitchen: aka ‘Pita Hombre’ serving Cyprus-Mexican fusion ‘Al Pastor’ pittas with cumin tzatziki, Serrano salsa, pomegranate molasses and fennel slaw
Club Mexicana x Dosa Deli: vegan jackfruit vindaloo burritos
Kimchinary x BBQ Dreamz: Korean – Filipino “Asian Persuasion” feat. bulgogi bavette steak + duck heart skewers
Anna Mae’s x Piadina Project‘: mac ‘n cheese piadinas (no surprises there)
Nonna’s x Capish: Neapolitan choc ice station"

When - Fri 20th & Sat 21st October 2017
5pm - 11pm

Where - West Handyside Canopy, Handyside Street, N1C
(Next to Waitrose)

Tickets - £5 from Eventbrite here


Link 1 - Tickets Page
Link 2 - KERB

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