Saturday 20 April 2019

Palm Greens' Salads & More at NT's Bar in Hackney

Palm Greens has started a new plant-based residency at the NT's Bar in Netil House, serving delicious salads and more daily until 4pm.  I went in to see them yesterday, and can confirm that the salads taste every bit as delicious as they look - I had the Mexican-inspired Tostada salad, with quinoa, black beans, and lots more.  They also have a lovely roof terrace - perfect for summer lunches and brunches!

"Kali has worked as a freelance chef for more than ten years, travelling the world for work and pleasure. She’s always been a lover of food and conscious of the treatment of animals and well being of the earth. Fascinated by the way food works with your body Kali trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, a school specialising in vegetarian health supportive cooking, this is where her style of cooking began to develop. Building relationships with local growers such as Growing Communities has encouraged Kali’s enthusiasm and belief in the need to be more in touch with where our food comes from and the impact the food system has on our environment and local community.
After working in the music industry for the last 20 years Memby has a passion for making people happy and bringing them together through food and music. Working as a host at his favourite restaurant for years, his love for food and hospitality grew and it encouraged his desire and drive to work for something he believes in."

When - Daily
Mon-Fri - 9am-4pm
Sat & Sun - 10am-4pm

Where - NT's Bar, 1 Westgate St, London E8 3RL
(It's not the easiest place to find - it's down an alleyway at the side of Netil House, furthest away from Mare Street.  Walk past the brewery tap room, and there is a black door at the end of the alley.  NT's is up a flight of stairs from here)

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Link 1 - Palm Greens
Link 2 - Palm Greens on Instagram

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