Sunday 4 August 2019

alter's 6 Week Residency at Unwined in Tooting

alter is a vegan business that has been doing pop-ups and supper clubs around London since summer 2018, with influences and flavours from Asia and beyond..  They have now landed at Unwined in Tooting for 6 weeks (ending early September), serving Thursdays to Sundays.  The food looks fantastic - can't wait to try this one!

"From the 1st of August until the 8th September, Unwined in Tooting Market have announced their first ever 100% Vegan Chef residency in the form of alter.  Alter was founded by Tooting-based chef Andy Hogben (Formerly of Som Saa, A Wong and Dabbous). 
Alter takes a fresh approach to vegan food by never using substitutes for Meat or Dairy and instead looks at cultures, techniques and cuisines that are naturally vegan for inspiration for its dishes.
On the menu you'll find a range of small sharing plates inspired by street food across the globe.  You’ll find everything from Thai Miang Bites, Indian Bhel Puris, Xian Style Chinese Noodles and Taiwanese Bao Buns.  There’s even a unique spin on that most famous of Italian dishes - the pizza!
On the wine front, this month’s theme is Islands!  You can try a great variety of wines made from producers based on islands, both large and small - there’s a Cabernet Franc from Long Island, a Kostifali from Crete, a Tintilla blend from Tenerife and not forgetting our very own Island, a Pet Nat from London Town.
The kitchen is open every Thursday - Saturday from 12pm - 10pm, with a special ‘Waste Not Want Not’ menu written on the day on Sunday in line with both Unwined and alter’s Zero Waste approach.
To book a table, you can call 0203 583 9136, or risk simply showing up!"

When - Thursdays to Sundays untl 8th September 2019
Thu – Sat - 12 noon - 10pm
Sunday - 12 noon - 4pm

Where - Unwined in Tooting, Unit 16A Tooting Market, 21-23 Tooting High Street SW17 0SN

Reservations - Book a table here


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Link 1 - Unwined in Tooting
Link 2 - alter on Instagram
Link 3 - Reservations

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