Friday 29 May 2020

Pubs open for 'Growler' Collection

The Sympathetic Ear in Brixton / Tulse Hill

I love good beer every bit as much as I love good food.  During the lockdown I've been drinking lots of cans and bottles, but I miss pubs more than I can say, and last weekend I found out that a bar about a mile from me was selling draught beer for takeaway in 'growlers' - in their case it was a 2 pint milk container (see pic).

I paid (£10 for 2 pints), took it home, and drank this wonderful cold Vibrant Forest Pale.  It was one of the best things I've done since lockdown.  In fact, The Sympathetic Ear, the bar I visited, was only closed for one week, but I hadn't realised.

I looked online to see if anyone had created a directory of places that were open, and when I found they hadn't, I decided to make a map, using a very useful list of bars and tap rooms from Beer Guide London.

I've mapped the ones that are selling draught beer for takeaway (as explicitly stated on their sites or social media feeds), but I'm sure I've missed some so please let me know by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram - I'm @londonpopups

(Direct link to the map here)

Note that these bars won't be open every day, or late at night.  Please check opening times before you visit.

At the time of writing there are 32 bars on the map.  Hopefully there will soon be many more!

Update - as at 11th June there are over 85.  

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