Thursday 12 January 2023

Retan's Winter 2023 Residency at the Renegade Urban Winery in E17


Tamworth Pork Rillettes

Retan is a kitchen run by chefs Josh Dallaway and Cameron Dewar, which is popping up at the Renegade Urban Winery in E17 on Wednesdays to Sundays for January and February 2023.  

Retan has been popping up around London in both residencies and supper clubs since mid 2021.  Retan itself means 'To delight, cheer, comfort, gladden', and this is what they are doing very successfully with their food and hospitality.

Bavette Steak

Their latest residency is at the Renegade Urban Winery, Unit 7, Lockwood Way, E17 5RB (in the same street as the Wild Card and Hackney Brewery taprooms).  The winery has created a mezzanine space in their warehouse, with a both a bar and a kitchen built in, and table service, creating a high end restaurant in the winery.

Retan serving a seasonal menu (2 courses for £28, 3 for £33), with a special offer of plat du jour with a glass of wine for £16 on Wednesdays, and Sunday Roasts on Sundays.

Smart, functional restaurant space

I visited last weekend and was blown away by the quality.  The menu is very well thought out, with delicious and tempting dishes like Tamworth pork rillettes, roast Jerusalem artichokes, an aged bavette steak, and even a bitter chocolate cremeux with olive oil and sea salt to finish.

It works incredibly well, and it was busy for lunch on the first Saturday with a mix of local families and groups of friends.  It is great to see someone following their passion in the way that Retan (& Renegade) are doing, and it is a brilliant launch for the new kitchen and restaurant space.

Highly recommended!

When - Wednesdays to Sundays for January and February 2023 

Where - Renegade Urban Winery, 7 Lockwood Way, E17 5RB


Retan London on Instagram

Renegade Urban Winery on Instagram

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