Friday 25 August 2023

The Fengzhen Supper Club in Crystal Palace


The Fengzhen Supper Club is run by Jay, with help from his partner Chris, out of their home in Crystal Palace.  The supper club feeds up to 12 people around a big dining table about twice a month.  The cuisine is mostly Chinese - Jay is from mainland China - but with other influences creeping in.  When I attended the menu had a lot of Vietnamese influences.

The one I went to was on a Sunday lunchtime, with several courses spreading over about 3 hours.  Guests are welcomed into the home with a drink, introduced to each other, and then seated a few minutes later.  Jay also hosts some on evenings - check out his Instagram for future dates and booking links.

It all made for a very entertaining and delicious afternoon.  Jay is a great cook and host, and the food, on big serving plates, is both full of flavour, but also very substantial and filling.  

When - Twice a month, on different days (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays)

Where - Jay's home in Crystal Palace

Booking - see links in Jay's instagram

Link - Fengzhen Supper Club on Instagram

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