Friday 18 November 2011

Ebay Christmas Pop-up Shop in Soho - NOW FINISHED

One of the reasons for having a pop-up shop is to give a physical presence to online-only stores, and now Ebay have announced that they will be opening a pop-up store in London in the run up to Christmas.  You can't actually buy goods in the store, but you can handle and examine, and then buy over a smartphone app to be delivered to your home a few days later.  Details are pretty sketchy so far, but we know that it'll be for 5 days only, and in Dean Street.  So - Amazon next?

"If you have a QR-reading smartphone, you will be able to scan a tag and have your phone take you to where you need to be in the online store. If not, eBay has partnered with HTC to lend you a smartphone whilst you are in store — acting as your personal shopping list.
Instead of tills and cashiers, tablets will be used to offer the full eBay shopping experience to customers who wish to browse the site anyhow.
The experimental store will be open only for a few days, as part of the auction giant’s bid to move towards the mainstream British ‘high street’."

When - 1st - 5th December

Where - 34-35 Dean Street, London, W1D 4PR

Map - Approximate

Link - Article

& here's a video:

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