Friday 9 March 2012

Pop-up Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking in Bloomsbury

For one week only you can see a new exhibition of contemporary printmaking, including talks and other events.  There are also some planned events: On the evening of 14th March, Gabriel Angel Moreno, will be reading a selection of his poetry written in response to the works in the exhibition, and on Saturday 17th March, at 4pm, Giulia Zaniol will lead an informal talk on the art of printmaking.

"Orion Contemporary is proud to announce the second ‘edition’ of Contemporary Printmaking, an exhibition promoting printmaking as an art form and celebrating the importance of the medium.  Following the inaugural printmaking exhibition in 2011, this exhibition includes a variety of exciting and innovative prints by Lisa Denyer, Alexander Gough, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Max Lowry, Dénes Maróti, Will Martyr, Andy Warhol and Giulia Zaniol.
The exhibition seeks to bring together a dazzling array of works to offer audiences a fresh take on printmaking, juxtaposing highly-regarded household names with Orion’s young, emerging stable of artists.  Andrés Olow Clase, director of Orion Contemporary, says ‘From Andy Warhol’s exceptional print of 1974 to works made in 2012, the show explores the diverse vivacity and technical skill of printmaking.’  All artists in the show excel as painters as well as recognising the importance of the print; Zaniol, Maróti and Gough will be displaying previously unseen works, fresh off the press."

When - 13th - 18th March

Where - Store Street Gallery, 32 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS

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