Sunday 29 July 2012

Fat Cheeks' Olympic Feasts with Food & Music in Broadway Market

The Fat Cheeks folks are back in Broadway Market with a series of Sunday lunches from guest chefs, and music while you eat.  All with the proud boast that no one leaves fat cheeks without fat cheeks!

"FAT CHEEKS is a pop-up dining restaurant that brings together fab food, great music and an element of surprise. Hi-jacking spaces in and around London to create unique dining experiences, this potent combination will get your digestive juices so excited they'll be bursting out of your fat arse. Previously FAT CHEEKS has recently had a successful run of classic Sunday Roast events with a twist, all at the beautifully preserved Victorian pie shop on Broadway Market in East London.
We are back at the same venue throughout August with The FAT CHEEKS Olympic tasting menu. Each guest chef will create 5 individually served tasting dishes adding his/her own signature style to the menu. Each chef’s background differs so expect a GASTRONOMIC OVERLOAD of Olympic PROPORTIONS AT EACH EVENT.
We work CLOSELY with ALL our chefs to track all produce making sure IT IS seasonal and from the freshest LOCAL sources WHEREVER POSSIBLE, and THEN LEAVE IT TO THEM TO DO THEIR MAGIC.
WHEN & WHOM – 5th August – guest chef Keith Goddard
5th August– Laurence Meikle (Baritone opera singer) and Carleen Ebbs
(soprano) opera singers
WHEN & WHOM – 12TH August – guest chef Richard Kirkwood
12th August – Annie Bea & her blue suede shoes (dub and blues live)
WHEN – 19th August - guest chef TBC
19th August - Christina Petrou (soprano) & her fiancé Thomas Kennedy (baritone) opera singers"

When - Sundays in August - 5th, 12th, 19th - plus September to be announced

Where - F.Cooke's Fish bar, 9 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4PH

Cost - £25 in advance from
Bookings for every 1.5 hours starting from 12pm – 8.30pm.
Walk-ins may be available at £30 on the door.


Link - Fat Cheeks

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