Sunday 29 July 2012

The Pale Blue Door Great Olympic Feat in Hackney

Artist Tony Hornecker is holding a series of very different Olympic feasts, as part of his Pale Blue door series.  I've never been to one of these (& I always find out about them 2nd hand) but it sounds like it'll be great fun.

"Dinner a sport?  Cooking a race?
Lamb in the oven, well that's a winner for starter.
Of coiurse a torch will be lit, and flags will be waved,
Angola and such.
We will even throw in, the odd medal to win, but you'll win for your 
sin, and making a din, rather than the bloody javellin.
Biggest dong, best bum, loudest mum, most fun.  The prize being 
wise to accept with closed eyes..
oh how you'd be surprised what's a sport in our Hackney resort!!!"

When - Thursday - Sunday:  2nd - 12th August

Where - A secret location - details given on booking

Cost - £40 contribution for 3 courses, inc half a bottle of wine

Link - Tony Hornecker

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