Tuesday 31 July 2012

Review - Tavolone x Marky Market Supper Club in Shoreditch

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the latest monthly Tavolone supper club.

Held in the foyer of the ad agency Mother in Redchurch Street, all guests at Tavolone first mingle in the bar area, before being seated at one very long table (hence the name - Tavolone means 'long table' in Italian).  During drinks I had a chance to talk to Christian Ahlert, the organiser, and Marky Market, who provided the lamb for the feast, and a few other guests.

Then time to eat!  Christiano, the chef for the night, had trained at Canteen, and was cooking a St John-inspired menu.  Starter was a delicious Butter Bean, Leek and Cauliflower Salad, which went down very well, and tee-ed us up for the main event.

The lamb.  Wow.  Marky's contacts at Smithfield had provided him with some excellent Welsh lamb shoulder, which had then been marinaded for a day, and then slow-cooked for eight hours.  We somehow ended up with a shoulder between four of us (which I don't think was unusual), and you can see how well we did with it from the before and after pictures.  Lamb is my favourite meat, and this is honestly the best lamb I have ever had.  Instagram does a good job, and I hope that it looks even a fraction as good as it tasted.

Finally we had a dessert of ice cream, which finished the night off well.  Wine had been provided (by Borough Wines) and poured freely with each course.  By this time cards were being swapped as well as stories, and we all agreed that it had been a fantastic night.  Tavolone's own review and pictures are here.

The Tavolone supper clubs happen once a month.  Great food and great conversation.  Make sure you get to go to one!

Also, Marky Market is your man for the best quality meat and fish in large quantities.  See his site here, and follow him on Twitter

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