Tuesday 25 September 2012

Oktoberfest at The Draft House Pubs

The Draft House pubs are getting into the Oktoberfest spirit with a special menu, and of course, lots of beer.  & beer tasting every Thursday.

"Oktoberfest kind of hits our sweet spot here at Draft House. What's not to love about a celebration of the harvest which involves crazy Munich beers, Schnitzel and - OF COURSE - German sausages. Eleven months of the year we are all in love with the British Banger - and, let's face it, it is a pretty fine comestible.
But, come September, we go to see our large German friend, John Paul (pictured above with yours truly), in London Bridge to order up a shed load of Bratwurst, Kasekrainer, Frankfurters and (Heaven help us) Curry Wurst for the most important beer festival of the year. 
So, from 21 September until 31 October Draft House will be offering a celebration of the German Wurst. We have tastefully named this The Sausage Fest. For £9.75 you will get a Bratwurst, a Frankfurter and a Curry Wurst on Saurkraut with Potato Salad. 
We are also bringing back the legendary and much missed Pork Schnitzel Holstein. For those who have never tried it, this a breaded bit of Pork Chump with a flat-fried egg and capers.
But the beers, the beers. Let us not forget about the beers. We will bringing the three great beer styles of Bavaria to you, on draft:
Paulaner Oktoberfest (6%) - brewed in the traditional style only for the festival, this is a maltier, darker version of their classic lager.
Paulaner Dunkel Weisse (5.5%) A personal favourite. The Dark Wheat beer is for me the true taste of Munich and while something of an acquired flavour I think you will love it once you put the hours in at the bar
Hopf Helle Weisse (5.5%) Produced at the the tiny Hopf brewery in the Black Forest this is a super light, refreshing Wheat Beer which contains just a handful of Barley. A true German craft beer.
All beers will also be available in Steins (1 Litre, or almost two pints). And just in case too much was not enough the purchase of any pint or Stein qualifies you for a sensible shot of Jaegermeister for £2."

When - 2ast September - 31st Oktober

Where - All Draft House locations - Westbridge, Northcote, Tower Bridge, Lordship, Charlotte - see a list here

Link - The Draft House

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