Wednesday 5 September 2012

The Topham Supper Club for September in Little Venice

Nurdin Topham will be holding a supper club in The Amadeus in Little Venice on 28th September.  To get an idea of what it's going to be like have a look at the video taken at the last one.

"My dream is to one day rap like Tyler the Creator, dance like Non-Stop and cook at the same time, in a performance.
But let’s start with the cooking part:-)
I would like to invite you to my first supper club. It is going be an evening of nourishing gastronomy for the soul. It has been an inspiring summer so far ( and I am not talking about the Olympics…). I have come up with some lovely, creative dishes and would like to share them on this supper club."

When - Friday 28th September, 7pm

Where - The Amadeus, 50 Shirland Road, Little Venice, London W9 2JA

Cost - £45 excl wine, in advance before 21st Spetember from

Link 1 - The Topham Supper Club
Link 2 - About Nurdin Topham

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