Sunday 21 October 2012

Chateau Marmot's One Day Pop-up at a Secret Location

Miles Dupree and selected guests will be cooking as Chateau Marmot for one day only in early November. with a talk (& wines selected by) Roz Cooper.  It's open for lunch and dinner on 3rd November

"After a critically successful and sold-out series of dates this summer, Chateau Marmot is setting up house in London for one day only, on the 3rd November.
Taking a break from rattling the pans at Islington’s Ottolenghi, the Chateau’s rising star, Australian chef Miles Dupree and his hand picked brigade (from restaurants we can’t mention!) will serve up their stunning fresh, seasonal and local focused tasting menu for one lunch and one evening sitting.
Dinner guests will dine on a six (and a half…) course tasting menu for an astounding £39 (with four courses for lunch at £29). The evening meal will feature a talk from ex-Decanter editor Roz Cooper, offering insights from her acclaimed ‘The Wine Year’ and matching wines to each course. Reasonably priced wine flights chosen by Roz will be available as well as a full selection of other drinks. The legendary Chateau M cheese cart will also make it’s biggest ever appearance, packed with incredible British cheeses from London and beyond.
Chateau Marmot launched earlier this summer, working as a kind of travelling show, with the specific aim of offering fine dining without the pomp, ceremony and costs that normally come with eating the best food. They offer temporary dining in unusual locations across the country with an emphasis on keeping things simple: an exciting, creative tasting menu, great wine, great service.
In each new town they work directly with local farmers, markets and suppliers so that each menu is a unique snapshot of the time and the place the restaurant occurs. Talks, live music and art installations are occasionally featured, but only if they complement the eating experience – the food remains staunchly at the core of the offering.
Modern British food with contemporary techniques and international influences will be the order of the day, as Dupree explains: “I’m working on new takes on classic ingredients as well as new techniques and unusual flavour pairings for this menu.  I’m trying to reign the team in actually, their imaginations can run a bit wild!”
Owners, husband and wife team Theo Cooper and Danielle Treanor, say that Chateau Marmot London will feature a tasting menu able to compete with the best but minus the formality of a Michelin starred restaurant, as Danielle explains:
“We want to remove the stuffiness associated with eating amazing food; for people to have a fantastic time and be blown away by the food they’ve eaten, but in a fun context.  We don’t want people to be staring at the plate baffled by how they might approach it – the aim of making every morsel delicious is at the heart of what we do. We also firmly believe fine dining should be possible for a fair price.”
All of this will be taking place in a central London location to be revealed to guests a few days before their booking."

When - 3rd November

Where - Secret Location, revealed on booking

Tickets - £29 for lunch and £39 for dinner (wine extra)  Email or visit

Link - Chateau Marmot

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