Sunday 4 November 2012

Flat Iron in Soho

Another 'not a pop-up' post - maybe I should call it 'son of a pop-up' - documenting the increasing trend of pop-ups becoming permanent.  Running a pop-up has clearly become a good way of testing a concept both in terms of its practicality, and its commercial viability.  When I went to Flat Iron in the summer the food was delicious and the customers were queueing out of the door, so it's no surprise to find that it's got a new, permanent home.

"FLAT IRON announces permanent site at 17 Beak St, Carnaby, Soho
After the fun and games of our ‘Pop-Up’ above Shoreditch’s Owl and Pussycat Pub, our new steak restaurant Flat Iron is soon to move to a permanent location in the heart of Soho.  Our team will launch Flat Iron in early December with still only one dish on our menu - a little known butcher's cut called ‘the flat iron’.
Flat Iron began life as a belief by Charlie 'Beef' Carroll that really great steak could be made available to all, without breaking the bank:
"I always thought it was a shame that the only way to guarantee an amazing steak was to pay eye-watering prices, and that was something I wanted to change. The flat iron cut has been massively overlooked in the past and if expertly butchered, has a tenderness second only to fillet".
"Our journey into beef has been a long one. One year, thirty-eight suppliers and hundreds of samples later, we have formed relationships with a number of craft producers who share Flat Iron's passion for producing well aged, highly marbled, incredibly flavoursome beef".
”We are looking to build on what we did at the Owl [Flat Iron’s pop-up venue], and that starts with amazing producers. In the last month we have been to two locations in Ireland, North Yorkshire and Cornwall: all on the trail of the very best beef.”
Our development into a full blown restaurant has also included designing a new kitchen built around the super focused menu:
“At our pop-up we had to make do with the kit we had, but here we have been able to design a custom grill to our spec and create a purpose built cook line letting us make our dripping chips from scratch every day. Its all part of our ongoing quest for an even better product.”
The d├ęcor for restaurant and bar has been put together by our amazing creative guru, Ben Chapman.
We're still taking our drinks seriously as well, and have teamed up with acclaimed mixologists SoulShakers on a top secret cocktail project. Doing something with cocktails that has ‘never been done in the UK before’. A tight and focused wine list with great options to complement our beef will also be on hand, together with a careful selection of craft beers.
No reservations will be taken, but there is a basement cocktail bar where anybody waiting for a table can have a drink."

When - From early December

Where - 17 Beak Street, W1F 9RW


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