Tuesday 4 December 2012

The After Hours Dessert Two-Day Preview in Bloomsbury

We last saw the excellent Free Company at their residency at The Endurance in Soho; now they're back, in conjunction with Live and Let Dine for a dessert bar in Store Street.  The project will launch properly in 2013, but in the meantime they have a two day (evening) preview, offering dessert, petit fours and coffee for £10.

"Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December will see two-nights of After Hours, the new coffee & dessert project from food ideas company Live & Let Dine.
After Hours works with exciting, young pastry chefs and independent, artisanal coffee shops to serve modern, innovative desserts, with great coffee.  They will be appearing regularly from January 2013, and can be followed on Twitter @afterhoursldn, or online at www.afterhoursdessert.com
Free Company are in charge of food for both nights and will serve a short menu of desserts, including ‘Coffee: chocolate caramel tuile, coffee mousse, cardamom-milk cappuccino’, and ‘Banana and Pop Corn: brown butter puree, banana ice cream, lime, pop corn glass, frozen corn’.
Dessert, coffee & petit fours will cost £10, and a tasting menu of 3 desserts, coffee & petit fours will cost £20.  It will take place after hours at Store St Espresso, Bloomsbury, one of London’s leading independent coffee shops.  No reservations.
Live & Let Dine is a food ideas company, run by Pete Butler. They also run The Mince Pie Project, an annual charity auction of mince pies.
Free Company Food Creative are a London-based team of chefs, led by David Boycott, who work together to deliver amazing and delicious food experiences.  They recently completed a 4-week residency at The Endurance in Soho, and are working on new projects for 2013."

When - Thurs 6th & Fri 7th December, 8pm - midnight

Where - Store St. Espresso, 40 Store Street, WC1E 7DB

Tickets - No reservations - just turn up!


Link 1 - After Hours Dessert
Link 2 - After Hours Dessert on Twitter
Link 3 - Free Company on Twitter

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