Thursday 9 May 2013

Sho Foo Doh's Japanese Street Food Residency at Pacific Social Club in Hackney

Update - now 5 nights a week - Tues - Sat - new listing here

Sho Foo Doh have announced a residency at Pacific Social Club in Hackney, to run in the evenings from Thurs - Saturday.  I've eaten Fumio's food on lots of occasions - think really tasty Japanese pancakes & more - and I can't wait for this one.

"Hackney drop out centre Pacific Social Club finally seems close to realising their initial ambition later this month by cementing their habitual pop-uppers Sho Foo Doh to a permanent residency. Since first collaborating in June 2012, the monthly pairing of Fumio Tanga's Sho Foo Doh on food and the Pacific Socialists on booze has been a bit of a hit, with constant full houses, full stomachs and positive vibrations. Now, from Friday 17th May, the culinary darklands of Lower Clapton will finally have a regular rival to the mass of pub pizza and kebabish kebabs when Fumio and his massive hot plate plant themselves at the Pacific every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 17th May (apart from 1st Fridays of the month when wonderful cousin, Bao London will take over and other one-off events). We are open from 6pm and 10pm last order. Bring your own booze with no corkage fee to start with.
Fumio began “Sho Foo Doh” at Chatsworth Road Market in May 2011 selling humble Osaka/Kansai style Okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancakes, after taking its name from his grandfather’s sweet shop in Hiroshima that closed nearly 30 years ago, inheriting just his uniforms and a lantern. It soon found fans amongst locals, bloggers and foodies such as Metro, Marina O’loughlin, Debate Your Plate, Jen Eats The Streets. Now the location has changed, the food has changed but the concept remains the same, keeping it simple yet playful, honest and delicious. Fumio will be serving up okonomiyaki in all regional styles (but of course specialising in Hiroshima style! ) and weekly changing sharing dishes such as gochujang marinated tuna with rawegg yolk, fried aubergines soaked in bonito dashi, popular sweet sesame vinegar cucumber pickles and many more that take in influences from Japan’s izakaya (kind of tapas bar with endless menus of plates to share) and Japanese home cooking."

When - Thursday - Saturday, 6pm - 10pm from 17th May

Where - Pacific Social Club, 8 Clarence Road, E5 8HB

Booking recommended - email 

Link 1 - Sho Foo Doh on Facebook
Link 2 - Pacific Social Club

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