Sunday, 20 October 2013

Miss Cakehead's Halloween 'Eat Your Heart Out' Cake Shop with Kraken Rum in Shoreditch

Miss Cakehead's 'Eat Your Heart Out' grisly cake shop returns for the third year running from 25th - 28th October.  Expect cakes that on the surface look disturbing or revolting, but are as delicious as any you're ever likely to taste.  Wounds, body parts, maggots, pus...  It's all here, with a special 'mouth of Kraken' too, and lots of rum.

"Eat Your Heart Out, the London based globally infamous Halloween pop up cake shop, is back for it’s third year and will be open from the 25th – 28th at The Rag Factory in Brick Lane. The edible art show and cake shop is entitled ‘Feed The Beast’ and is supported by The Kraken Rum. All the cakes have a beastly theme with the top sellers predicted to include vagina dentata cupcakes by The Tattooed Bakers, a ‘Wounds’ cupcake set by Cake Revolution and interactive maggot extraction cupcakes by Twisted Fondant which allow for mango flavoured maggots and pus to be removed prior to eating.
Incredible life-sized rum liqueur chocolate body parts are set to be another show (or appetite) stopper – disturbingly realistic they are created using casts of food artists Kate Haigh’s own hands and feet.
Anyone with a love of extreme cakes will not be disappointed with the large ‘Mouth of Kraken’ creation by Heartache Cakes for it comes with almost 100 individual hand made chocolate teeth and a terrifying sense of foreboding destined to set even the most gore hardened cake lovers on edge. Mouth of Kraken cupcakes have also been created for for those only able to deal with less toothy sweet creations.
If you find cakes replicating giant bloody eyeballs of mythical beasts, chocolate skulls and rocky road topped with stitched detail too much for you then The Kraken Rum will also be available in the space to steady the nerves – the dark spiced rum also being used in many of the treats on sale ensuring they make look disturbing but will always taste delicious."

When - Friday 25th - Sunday 27th October 2013

Where - The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St  London E1 5LJ

Link 1 - Miss Cakehead's site, with lots of pics
Link 2 - Last year's 'Eat Your Heart Out' event

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