Friday 23 January 2015

Synaesthesia by Kitchen Theory Tasting Menus at Maida Hill in W9

Regular popper-upper Kitchen Theory is back for 2015 with a series of multi-sensory dinners and lunches under the banner 'Synaesthesia' with a tasting menu designed by their chefs, sho have experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants, taking place at Maida Hill Place in W9.  Prepare to be immersed in their world - your taste buds will thank you!

Imagine a world where sound has colour, colour has flavour, or numbers are unique personalities you know well. If any of these concepts are familiar to you, chances are you may have synaesthesia.
Gastro-neophiles Kitchen Theory are launching an exciting series of educational and multi-sensory dining events two weekends a month from February through to June 2015 at food incubator Maida Hill Place. Synaesthesia by Kitchen Theory incorporates sensory audio-visual aids and the collaboration of knowledge from academic with an experimental seven course modernist meal cooked by Michelin restaurant experienced chefs. Catering for only 14 guests these dining events guarantee to deliver a fun insight into the world of synaesthesia - the neurological phenomenon which cross connects the senses and is thought to affect three per cent of the population. Expect to be stimulated, informed, amused and delighted.
Kitchen Theory has worked with Professor Charles Spence and his team at the Cross Modal department of Oxford University, Sean Day, President of American Synesthesia Association, and Richard E. Cytowic, MD MFA, Neurologist and author of ‘Wednesday is Indigo Blue’ to understand this phenomenon and deliver an informative and interactive dining event of sensory discovery. 

When - Thurs 12th - Sat 14th Feb, then Thurs - Sat every fortnight until the end of June
Dinner - Thurs - Sat, lunch - Sat only

Where - Maida Hill Place, 4 Fernhead Rd, London W9 3ET

Tickets - £56 for a 7 course dinner or £32 for 4 course lunch from Kitchen Theory here


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Link - Kitchen Theory, including menu & booking page

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