Friday 2 November 2012

Greek Meze Pop-up Restaurant in Dalston

A new Greek Meze pop-up is opening up for two weeks, Weds - Thurs only, at the Hackney Cypriot Association, previously host to Last Days of Disco.  It looks great, it's BYOB, and they even sent me the menu in Greek and English!

"After a number of successful supper clubs in Hackney Wick, we are launching our very first Greek Meze pop-up.
London is already familiar with the small sharing plate experience, but good Greek meze is hard to find. Our aim is to re-discover meze and the pleasure of eating sociably and making a meal out of a great variety of small, simple, individual dishes.
Our focus is on quality ingredients: Local fresh produce, organic where possible, happy meat and sustainable fish, combined with the best Greek ingredients for the things that really can't be replaced.
We serve classic dishes alongside a few less familiar ones and hope to show you the best that Greek meze have to offer.
Ταραμοσαλάτα | Taramosalata | Smoked cod roe
Χωριάτικη | Horiatiki | Greek salad
Παπαλίνα | Papalina | Sprats
Τζατζίκι με γλιστρίδα | Tzatziki me glistrida | Purslane tzatziki
Φασόλια πιάζ | Fasolia piaz | Bean salad
Μελιτζάνες γεμιστές | Melitzanes gemistes | Lamb stuffed baby aubergines
Χόρτα | Horta | Wild greens
Φασολάκια | Fasolakia | French beans
Σκορδαλιά | Skordalia | Garlic puree
Κατσικάκι | Katsikaki | Braised and roasted kid goat

When - 7th-8th & 14th-15th November

Where - Hackney Cypriot Association, 5 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AX

Tickets - £25 with BYOB in advance from

Link - Facebook

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