Monday 4 July 2011

Films on Fridges Pop-up Cinema in Hackney Wick

Films on fridges is a pop-up cinema in Hackney Wick, projecting an eclectic set of sport-themed films onto a wall of fridges near Hackney Wick.

"The project was inspired by the disappearance of East London's 'Fridge Mountain' - an enormous pile of discarded fridges which previously occupied the London 2012 Olympic site. Towering nearly 20 feet tall, the largest 'Fridge Mountain' in all of Europe became a bizarre sculpture in the East London landscape. 
Films on Fridges resurrects this industrial icon in the form of a playful and interactive outdoor pop-up cinema. In celebration of the upcoming Olympics, the cinema will screen films athletic in nature."

When - 27th July - 13th August

Programme -

Wednesday July 27 - Rocky (1976)

Thursday July 28 - Fire in Babylon (2010)

Friday July 29 - What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day (1976)

Saturday July 30 - Pelada (2010)

Thursday August 4th - Victory (1981)

Friday August 5th - Breaking Away (1979)

Saturday August 6th - Cool Runnings (1993)

Sunday August 7th - Pumping Iron (1977)

Wednesday August 10th - Slapshot (1977)

Thursday August 11th - Rio Breaks (2009)

Friday August 12th - East End Shorts Night

Saturday August 13th - Chariots of Fire (1981)

Where - The Yard, Forman Smokehouse Gallery Yard, adjacent to H. Forman & Son, Stour Road, E3 2NT



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