Tuesday 16 August 2011

Fika Square Pop-up Swedish Tea Party & Picnic in Soho - NOW FINISHED

To promoted Swedish tourism, Soho Square is going to play host to Swedish tea parties over three days towards the end of August.

"Visit Sweden is transforming Soho Square into ‘Fika Square’ from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th August. The three day event will feature a bookable and free Pop Up Fika Parlor and walk in Fika Picnic, between 12.30pm and 2.30pm each day. A team from the Southern Swedish holiday destination of Skåne, led by world famous pastry chef Jan Hedh will be serving traditional Fika, the Swedish equivalent of high tea and sharing stories about the region.
Aided by a team in traditionally Swedish dress, Jan will be indulging guests in Fika, a Swedish treat tradition, which includes a special blended coffee and 7 delicious cookies, each with a unique recipe. Jan is Sweden’s most famous chocolatier, pastry chef and cookbook author, who is making a rare visit to the UK to promote the summer destination of Skåne and introduce Britons to the custom of Fika.
The Pop UP Fika Parlor can be booked for up to 6 people per table and reservations can be made by emailing reservations@fikasquare.co.uk The Fika Pop Up Picnic will be on a first come, first served basis, so if you don’t get to book a table you can still come and enjoy the relaxing experience of Fika, serving delicious cookies baked by Jan Hedh and Löfbergs Lila coffee."

When - 24th - 26th August

Where - Soho Square, London W1D
Note - for the tea party you need to book in advance by emailing reservations@fikasquare.co.uk
However even if you don't book there will still be things to see, and more importantly eat.

Link - Article

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