Tuesday 4 October 2011

First Thursdays Art Events in London

This is something I discovered at the weekend.  It's not a pop-up per se, but it is a very interesting short-term event, so on that grounds I'm featuring it.

Every first Thursday of the month London galleries throw open their doors for late viewing.  There's a page here with gives some details, suggests some itineraries, and even lets you book a coach trip to tour a few.  It's supported by Time Out and the Arts Council.

However an alternative strategy would be to head to the up and coming artistic area near Bethnal Green, and check out the many small galleries around Vyner  Street.  Vyner Street and the streets around have about 20 galleries or more, usually just one room with a door to the street.

You can browse, you can buy, you can go for dinner at Ombra Bar afterwards.  It would be a great way to spend the first Thursday of the month.

When - Thursday 6th October, and every first Thursday

Where - Lots of places, but Vyner Street is recommended

Map - Vyner Street

Link - First Thursdays site

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