Tuesday 14 February 2012

Double Nature Pop-up Photography Exhibition in Smithfield

Double Nature is a new free photography show taking place in Smithfield in March, featuring two artists who have not been exhibited much in the UK before now.

"Vanguard Art and Photography is proud to present a new UK exhibition of works by internationally-renowned photographers, Tanya Karavan and Daniel Tchetchik.  The subject matter, fierce observational qualities and an emotional need to communicate their visions tie together their strongly contrasting styles.  The exhibition plays on the diverse aspects of nature as well as the differences in Karavan and Tchetchik’s own natures as artists.
Karavan’s work is especially riveting, combining a sense of composition and place like a young Irving Penn.  The vulnerability of her images successfully juxtaposes with Tchetchik’s edgier style.  Karavan, winner of Young Artist 2011 from the Israeli Ministry of Culture, perceives photography as a form of painting and her interest lies in the entire creative process rather than just the click of a shutter.  Her works are a reflection of her sentiments and perceptions, triggering an emotional response in others.
Tchetchik has exhibited internationally with highly-acclaimed solo shows in Tel-Aviv and New York and is the culture photographer for the Ha'aretz newspaper.  His dark, brooding works are a dramatic, visual anthology that poetically encapsulates life and death within the natural environment.  His work documents Earth in its most primordial beauty, scrutinising the textures of every crooked bough, twig and leaf.  Tchetchik is an incisive observer who has injected a magical aura of light into darkness, through which one can detect a strong spiritual awareness.  His grey-tone, faintly-defined scenes emerge, in an exceedingly Baroque manner, in the foreground out of near-blackness.
Still Winter aims to lead the viewer into the unknown.  The photographs depict a place and time where although all information is revealed, the truth of the image consistently eludes us.  Tchetchik’s landscapes are a fascinating combination of contradictions; a safe haven yet a place of danger overwhelmed by loneliness and the unknown.  The works are dark and light, revealing yet concealing, real and hallucinated, abstract and lucid.
Tchetchik invites his viewers to come closer, to detach from their immediate surroundings and partake in a journey into a fading world of continuous existence. "

When - 1st - 23rd March, Monday - Friday.  Weekends by appointment only

Where - Innovation Warehouse, 1st Floor, 1 East Poultry Avenue, Smithfield, EC1A 9PT

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