Tuesday 28 February 2012

Review - South West Supper Club's Wild & Foraged Night in Wandsworth

On Friday I went to the South West Supper Club’s Wild & Foraged night in Wandsworth.  Jimmy Garcia (see earlier) was hosting in the flat of artist Nathan Meyer, who was also on hand to do some waitering, and sell some specially labelled wine.  My friend Jo and I arrived a bit after 7.30.  Outside there was a very welcoming ‘Supper Club Here’ sign on a blackboard.  Then up the stairs to Nathan’s flat on the top floor.

The front room had been turned into the dining room, with 4 tables of six chairs.  It was super-friendly; we didn’t table hop, but we had a great time with the other 4 people on our table.  We were soon swapping glasses of wine, and chattering away about anything from London auctions (Geasby’s in Tooting), Wine, Juliette Binoche, the merits of Barcelona vs. Berlin, and much, much more.

The food was uniformly excellent, and with the canapes we had a four course meal for £30.  The highlights were the Wild Pheasant starter, and the dessert of poached pears (which I asked Jimmy for the recipe for). I know it feels strange in a review to write so little about the food, but take it as read that it was all to a very high standard.  The evening felt like it was about far more than the food!

We finally finished off at about 11pm (I think) and wandered off back towards Clapham Junction.  This is a superb supper club; you’re guaranteed a good night.

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