Sunday 15 April 2012

The Bigger Picture Exhibition by Tom Craig & AA Gill in Kensington

The Bigger Picture is a short term exhibition with pictures by Tom Craig, and words by AA Gill, and will be open for just 4 days later this month.

"If you love travel and the written word you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with A.A. Gill. But what you might not know is that for the past eight years the writer has worked in close partnership with a single photographer, Tom Craig; they have travelled together across four continents to places as varied as Greenland and Chad, Albania and Haiti with Craig providing the photographic yin to Gill’s textual yang.
A selection of Tom Craig and A.A. Gill’s work has recently been collated into an exhibition, The Bigger Picture, which explores the relationship between the two men, and between the arts of travel photography and travel writing. It depicts the way in which a writer when paired successfully with a photographer can produce a story from two perspectives that becomes more than the sum of its parts, and portrays a 360 degree view of the destination they encounter.
A.A. Gill needs little introduction but while Tom Craig’s photography may not have gained him the household name status afforded to Gill’s caustic wit, he is equally sought-after in his own field. He has travelled to the Gaza strip with Daniel Day-Lewis, Uzbekistan with Danny Boyle and Colombia with Martin Amis for his book Writing on the Edge which sees contemporary writers, including A.A. Gill, document harrowing stories of conflict worldwide."

When - 26th - 29th April

Where - Mews42, 42 Princes Gate Mews, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London SW7 2PR

Link 1 - Article
Link 2 - Online Gallery

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