Wednesday 4 April 2012

Pop-up Art Exhibition at Green Park Station

Green Park station (where the Victoria & Jubilee lines intersect) is currently holding an exhibition of artwork by Daniel Mudford of Balham on the southbound Victoria line.

"Taking advantage of the current downturn in advertising budgets and the public's increasing appetite for 'pop-up' public art, Mudford has been working discreetly for some time to create the works, which will be on show until TfL decide they want to cover them up with advertisements again. 
In anticipation of the forthcoming post-Olympic dereliction that will engulf East London after July, Mudford feels there is a role for art to encourage audiences to see beauty in decay and the acceptance of transience, a concept the Japanese have long celebrated in 'wabi-sabi'. 
A palimpsest is a manuscript page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again.  The term has come to be used in similar context in a variety of disciplines, notably architectural archaeology.
Daniel Mudford of Balham is an artist and film-maker with a particular current interest in the beauty of decay as a response to the world around him.  Having made several short films and the recently-completed album-length film Luton (Knockouts) Film, he is currently exploring non time-based solutions to video art with a series of installations, including Disappearing (1999-2010), The Pack (For Joseph Beuys) (2010) and the Trios series (2011 – ongoing).  The Green Park exhibition is a full-scale site-specific work that grew out of an earlier so-called ‘Billboard Action’ by Mudford: The Ghosts Of Keble Street, which can still be seen on the corner of Keble Street and Garrett Lane in Wandsworth."

When - 2nd April - 14th April

Where - Green Park Station, Victoria Line, Southbound.

Link 1 - Factor-M
Link 2 - Daniel Mudford of Balham on Vimeo

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