Wednesday 16 May 2012

Pitt Cue's 'God Save The Clam' Clam Bake in London Fields

What a way to honour our dear Queen - celebrate in London Fields with a punk style Clam Bake, organised by the good people of Pitt Cue with Rock Lobsta.  Hurry though - like the Sex Pistols, this one is sure to sell out!

"Historically Clam Bake’s are native to the New England shoreline in the US, a method of cooking where seafood is baked over hot stones covered in seaweed resulting in a steamed ‘seashore picnic’. God Save The Clam is a punk inspired British interpretation of the Clam Bake in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. Combining the culinary skills of barbecue king Tom Adam from Pitt Cue Co and foraging seafood lover Carl Clarke from Rock Lobsta, sand buckets of finger-licking clams, cockles, mussels, crayfish and crab claws will be dished up alongside some seriously tasty sides. Meantime beer will be the host beer at the Banshee bar alongside a selection of premium Jose Cuervo Tradicional tequila cocktails (the rebel spirit!) to the backdrop of a royally hot DJ line up, beach huts, sun deck, ice cream bar and one of the best views this side of Margate.
Anarchy will be reigned in temporarily for diners to enjoy a cocktail or beer, starter, Clam Bake and ice cream sundae all included in the ticket price. For those just grazing the Shack Snack Bar will be open to all, no booking required, serving a selection of corn dogs, Po Boy pork n shrimp sandwiches and blue lobster and crackling popcorn aka Smurf n Turf. The Banshee Bar will be keeping everything afloat with some lively fresh fruit margaritas and Glyn’s Sundae Bar plays host to the Fat Elvis, inspired by the self-starring movie The Clam Bake, a reworked PB& J with bacon alongside the Strawberry Shortcake, a twisted Screwball classic.
To wish the Queen a very happy 60’th Birthday, God Save The Clam has pulled out all the stops with a stonking DJ line-up that includes the legend that is Don Letts, Jon Kahuna, Sophie Lloyd, Johnny Dropjaw, Soul Jazz records and Gizzi Erskine (lady chef off the telly). Post Clam-Bake each evening will turn into a roof top beach-style sundowner, minus the sandy drawers..
God Save The Clam and all who parties with her!
“We are just suckers for a good idea – and when a great venue and working with the Pitt Cue Co boys fell into place – there was no way we couldn’t run head long into doing this.” Rock Lobsta
"This is going to be a great event and we love a party, so we're doing this for purely shellfish reasons" Pitt Cue Co"

When - 31st May - 3rd June

Where - Rooftop, The Emigre Studios, 274 Richmond Road, London E8 3QW

Cost - £39 per head

("Dining slots are every 80 mins for 60 minutes or so, there is a dining pit and drinks terrace. You are welcome to spend as much time on the drinks terrace as you wish - the dining pit has alloted times. We are serving Thursday 31st May night, all day Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd June and till 18:30 on Sunday 3rd June")


Link 1 - God Save The Clam
Link 2 - Booking Page

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