Monday 28 May 2012

Secret Cinema's Pop-up Secret Restaurant

In December Secret Cinema opened a pop-up restaurant themed around the film they were showing and the overall experience.  Now they're back, with the enigmatically titled Brave New Ventures, and there's another secret restaurant to go with it.

"Beginning 1st June – 1st July 2012 in a secret central London location, Secret Restaurant will serve a nightly Secret Dinner which will celebrate the launch of this Secret Expedition. It promises to be the ultimate dining experience to compliment all recruits mission and experience.
Tickets to the Secret Dinner are available NOW:
Neal T. Dwyer, CEO Brave New Ventures, said: “I look forward to meeting and dining alongside all new employees at Brave New Ventures as we host the Future Paradise Dinner experience. We’ve confirmed a truly dynamic and elite team with experience in some of the world's best restaurants: Noma, Copenhagen; St John, London; and Jardiniere, San Francisco to facilitate the Secret Dinner...”
Current BNV employees may attend the Secret Restaurant at a rate of £65 per person where they shall have the opportunity to meet the CEO and discuss their future.
Recruits who have not yet registered may attend the secret mission and a place at the Future Paradise Dinner Experience for £100 per person."

When - 1st June - 1st July

Where - It's a secret...  Details on booking.

Link - Brave New Ventures

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