Friday 15 June 2012

'Around The World in One Plate' Supper Club in Hoxton

This intriguing idea - taking ingredients sourced from over ten different countries - will create the menu for the London Foodies Supper Club in Hoxton later this month.  To attend you first need to tweet your interest to @foodundearthed  The chef is Tim Anderson, who also cooked at the excellent Delicious by DS5 last month

"Boasting an eclectic mix of unusual ingredients from countries such as Greece, Italy, Iberia, China, New Zealand, Ecuador and South Africa, MasterChef 2011 winner, Tim Anderson has teamed up with foodie explorers unearthed® to create the first-ever culinary tour around the world on one plate.
Inspired by a snack from Anderson’s childhood in America, the s’more – a campfire treat made by sandwiching toasted marshmallows between two biscuits with a piece of chocolate – the ‘Around the World on One Plate’ recipe is a savoury interpretation of this snack and features a savoury marshmallow on a biltong twig, served with loin of lamb and dressed with a rich chocolate and port sauce.  
Anderson worked closely with unearthed® to create the unique savoury marshmallow blend, a hero ingredient within the dish, using its Greek Goat’s Milk Balls.   Tim Anderson comments: “I love experimenting with ingredients and was really excited about the idea of creating a savoury version of a well known American campfire treat.  
“Trying to source the appropriate ingredients to ensure we got the correct consistency for the savoury marshmallow was a really exciting challenge and the unearthed® Goat’s Milk Balls were the perfect texture and flavour to compliment the lamb and chocolate.” 
Simon Day, Brand Manager at unearthed® comments: “If you are a keen explorer and love unearthing new flavours and cuisines than this is the perfect dish for you!  Some of the finest quality ingredients from around the world have been used to create the ultimate worldly experience that you can replicate in the comfort of your own kitchen.” "

When - 27th - 28th June

Where - Hoxton - full details on booking

Cost - £20, but you need to tweet @foodsunearthed to express your interest first

Link - Foods Unearthed on Twitter

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