Sunday 29 July 2012

Brolly & Ice Cream Pop-up Exhibition and Cafe in Shoreditch

The Jaguar Shoes Collective in Kingsland Road are getting into the summer spirit by holding a special exhibition, with attached refreshments.

"To celebrate the contrary British summer, JaguarShoes Collective are proud to present a tongue-in-cheek exhibition & pop up shop selling a fine selection of Teas and pre-war inspired flavoured ice creams.
‘Brolly ‘n’ Ice Cream’ will be a summer spectacle for tourists and locals alike.
The exhibition features bespoke graphic wallpaper, giant ice cream sculptures and an inverted umbrella lighting installation alongside a selection of illustrated products created by the JaguarShoes roster of artists. 
To accompany the exhibition, the fashion retail area of the building will transform into a Teas and Ices shop. Inspired by the 1930-1940's era; a time of home-making, frugality and rationing.
Focused on courting those tourist and locals wishing to experience undiluted British fair; the offering will present classically simple recipes; fruit cakes (apple, rhubarb, pear) a selection of biscuits (including a signature home-made custard cream), all of which are created from the kind of ingredients ‘one would have found in one’s garden or pantry'. No food colour, no frosting, no doilies.  Just beautiful, delicious and tasteful classics presented in un-dyed baking parchment squares, simple glass domed cake plates and Kilner jars.
Ices on offer include flavours; Damson, Summer fruit, Gooseberry and Elderflower, Toffee Apple and Rhubarb and stem ginger. 
The tea selection includes the finest fresh leaf offerings; from Darjeeling to Lady Grey and a Superfruit, Chai and a nettle selection for those seeking something healthy or healing.
Building upon The Old Shoreditch Station’s original heritage, ‘Brolly & Ice Cream’ draws together classic components to create a stylish pastiche of British summertime within the venue’s cosy period interior and aims to take visitors back to (or to introduce them to) the wonder of the changeable British summertime; childhood holidays devouring a melting cone under an umbrella."

When - 1st August - 15th September

Where - The Old shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA

Link 1 - Jaguar Shoes

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