Wednesday 18 July 2012

Guest Post – The Pop Spot Festival: Summer 2012

Welcome to the weekly guest post.  I first met Nick Russell of We Are Pop Up a few months ago, when he was looking into opportunities around all things pop-up.  Now he is launching a new app, and a festival to celebrate all sorts of pop-ups around the capital.

"A movement has been transforming London on the quiet for some time now – and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. We Are Pop Up – and our mission is to connect people craving new experiences with the pioneers offering them. We've made something that honours the independent spirit of the movement whilst making it accessible to everyone.

Throughout August, we’re bringing together pop-up London with the goal of showcasing the city’s dynamic future. The Pop Spot Festival will give everyone a chance to experience the creativity, spontaneity and vibrancy of your projects, and attract a new, diverse audience at a time when London has more visitors than ever.

The Pop Spot Festival heralds the launch of a mobile app and website for navigating London in a new way – by pop-ups – and we’ll showcase the best for both regulars and first-timers. Punters get to experience something unique and see a new side to the city, while pop-ups can attract new visitors and expand their network.

Everyone taking part will be listed on the app and website free of charge and have the opportunity to benefit from our PR and promotion. Our PR team will be highlighting individual projects and the stories behind them throughout the festival; if you’d like to get involved and have your name shouted from London’s rooftops, sign up, tell us your story, and open the door to the world.

All you have to do be involved is hold a one-off promotion or additional event as part of the festival.  How you shape this offer is totally up to you; it could be part of your existing pop-up or an exclusive extra. Perhaps you’d like to give a discount at quieter times; maybe you’d prefer to offer a free drink to the first 30 people who arrive after 6. From early bird discounts to tasting menus, you can get creative, design your offer to make the most of your pop-up – and we’ll make sure everyone knows about it. Once they’ve arrived, you can show them just how amazing pop-ups can be…"

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