Wednesday 11 July 2012

Sho Foo Doh Pop-up Japanese Restaurant at Pacific Social Club in Hackney

For one night only Sho Foo Doh will be cooking at the Pacific Social Club in Hackney.  It's officially sold out, but there are some tables kept available for people who rock up on the night.  Go early, or go late!

"We're delighted to announce a special pop-up in conjunction with magnificent Pacific Social Club. Undoubtedly the best looking cafe in Hackney with a slight rough edge (it's on Clarence Road), PSC has been getting props from the good people of Hackney and beyond since its opening last year by serving the best coffee and off kilter yet divine sandwiches. 
We are serving edamame, sunomono(pickled veg and seaweed), hiyayakko(cold tofu with soy + ginger), kushi katsu (deep fried breaded meat and veg in skewers) and potato salad for starters (veg friendly). Pork kimchi for meat, squid & prawns for seafood and mozzarella/basil & negiyaki for veg okonomiyaki. And matcha tiramisu for desert, Japanese inspired alcoholic beverages and some good music from the Pacific's extensive analogue collection on the night."

When - Friday 13th July

Where - Pacific Social Club, 8 Clarence Road, E5 8HB

Link 1 - Sho Foo Doh on Facebook
Link 2 - Pacific Social Club

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