Sunday 19 August 2012

ZEO Pop-up Bar near Euston

ZEO is a new non-alcoholic drink which aims to challenge the perception that drinks need to be alcoholic to be interesting.  As part of the launch there's a pop-up bar opening near Euston.

"Aiming to surpass the conventional idea that drinks must be alcoholic to be interesting and enjoyable – ZEO was developed over the course of 4 years by flavour experts who used a complex blend of herbs and essences to create a sophisticated drink with sensorial effects, aimed at discerning adults who enjoy new experiences.
ZEO is best served on its own with ice – the perfect serve known as The Twizt, ideal during a long summer day - or as a base for modern mixology – which can be recreated at home or enjoyed in bars across the UK.
Lightly carbonated with a distinctive, unique taste sensation that will tantalise your taste buds, ZEO is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Until now, any adult looking for a sophisticated drink to enjoy on a night out would have to choose something alcoholic – wine, champagne, cocktails or premium spirits. ZEO offers a similarly refined taste profile to these types of ‘distilled’ drinks, but without any alcohol.
In addition to its intriguing blend of natural extracts and essences, ZEO delivers a range of sensorial effects (such as chilling, warming and tingling). Taken from the flora of all continents, these extracts include trees, virgin flowers, wild berries, fresh green herbs, grains and exotic spices, but watch this space... Each time you indulge in ZEO you’ll be surprised by different sensations."

When - 20th August - 8th September

Where - 119 Hampstead Road, NW1 3EE


Link - Seek ZEO

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