Friday 2 November 2012

Platform-7's 'no man's land' Remembrance Sunday live art performances across London

Platform-7 is the group behind the 'art intervention' at Blockbuster video store in Catford earlier this year.  Now they're back with a incredibly ambitious and inspiring project, involving liver performance art in 30 tube stations on Remembrance Sunday.

"London Underground are allowing Platform-7 to create a one off live art performance, using busker spots, in up to 30 tube stations simultaneously on Remembrance Sunday 
Named 'no man's land', we envisage up to 120 professional artists will be participating, from Hammersmith to Canary Wharf, Euston to Southwark, in a highly ambitious and conceptual live event encompassing music, poetry, sculpture and film.  Exploring how societies blindly enter conflict, this project is deliberately bureaucratic, with no one person controlling the creative process and everyone involved impacting on the final performance.  With layers of hierarchal structures disrupting the ability to make quick decisions, the final outcome will remain unknown to all involved until the morning of the event. 
The performance considers society of 100 years ago in the lead up to the First World War.   This was a fast moving time, arguably the fastest period of change in human history. Times were improving for many yet within two years devastation was wrought across many lands.         
no man’s land is a performance that examines how individual decisions are influenced by, and impact on, our  near and far​ environment, often affecting situations way beyond the original intention. By relinquishing a 'normal' live event approach, the outcome of this project will be unknown until after the performance date of November 11th."

When - Sunday from 11am–12noon.

Where - 30 tube stations around the capital

Link 1 - no man's land
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