Sunday 2 December 2012

Fingers & Thumbs Pop-up Shellfish Restaurant in Bethnal Green

Fingers and Thumbs (Jimmy & Nick) have run a couple of pop-ups before in Stoke Newington, and are now moving to a new venue in Bethnal Green for 3 days.  Plus, it's BYOB - Sounds good!

"Its back..... and its bigger and better than ever! 
This will be the 3rd outing of the Seafood Shack and I can confirm that practice does make perfect!
Pretty much the same set-up as before- 3 nights, BIG buckets of fresh Seafood, get your hands and faces in there and enjoy what our surrounding seas have to offer. 
1 big change, an awesome new location- we will now be serving from an archway in Bethanl Green, walking distance from Shoreditch. It’s a giant open space which usually runs as an art gallery, we’re planning to keep some of the art, add some imagery of our own, a fish tank to house the lobsters and cram it full of as much seafood as we physically can! 
Last time you guys did an excellent job of supporting FnT and I need that same enthusiasm for seafood again. Invite anyone and everyone who loves fresh seafood and even if you have someone in your group that doesn't like seafood give me a call in advance and I will do a non-seafood option for them. 
Vital statistics are as follows-
Please book this time, it’s not essential but will help us manage things- reservation hotline is 07815808735 (jimmy’s number) or 07875238095 (Nicks number)
Pay with cash, there are cash machines near by
Its BYO- so bring all your cheap booze and get pissed, if you want. We will provide beakers to drink out of and a few soft drinks
Service will be from 6-10pm each day
Big group discount of 10% for groups bigger than 10 when you book in advance
That’s all you need to know, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch, otherwise i hope to see you stuffing your faces in a few weekends time
Capt Chef Birdseye"

When - 6th - 8th December 2012

Where - Railway Arch 289, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9HA

Tickets - Book a place in advance, then pay on the night - reservation hotline is 07815808735 (jimmy’s number) or 07875238095 (Nicks number)

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  1. I'm gonna do my best to stop by for this one. I just love seafood and it's local. Can't wait :)