Monday 7 January 2013

David Breuer-Weil: Project 4 Art Exhibition in Waterloo

Artist & Sculptor David Breuer-Weil is holding a new show in the vaults at Waterloo in February. It's the largest exhibition ever to be staged in this unusual space, and includes 70 canvases and some sculptures.

"The monumental sculptures of David Breuer-Weil are becoming increasingly visible in the public domain. In 2010 and 2011 Visitor and Visitor 2 were installed as part of Sotheby’s Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, and 2012 saw Emergence installed into Hanover Square and Visitor in Golders Hill Park, Hampstead.  In both sculpture and on canvas he has worked on this colossal scale since 1997 - his paintings frequently measure over three metres wide. 
Project 4, the latest in the series of Breuer-Weil's epic solo projects, includes some 70 canvases alongside a number of sculptures.  Revelling in a diverse and unruly mix of colours, it fuses the themes of place, time and cause that have dominated his work since the mid-1990s with new concerns about the human condition and the artist's role as commentator and creator.   Leitmotifs of humanity, philosophy and politics flit between the tragic and the joyous in a visual language that is as much absurdist as it is emotive. 
A focal point of this new body of work is a heightened and politically topical interest in ideas of homeland, territory and belonging explored through an extended repertoire of familiar images such as fire and water, boxes, scrolls, books and feet with a new and expansive consideration of cosmology's prophetic and pseudo-scientific structures.   Compared to previous Project series, the angles  of  vision  are  even  more  eccentric  and  disorientating,  sometimes  positively cinematic.  Underlying the works is a profound sense of unease although an element of hope seeps through.
Breuer-Weil has a gift for finding dramatic and unusual venues and the Project exhibitions have always been staged in quirky, cavernous spaces.  The Project, in 2001, was in the crypt of the Roundhouse; 2003 saw Project 2 take place in the Bargehouse on the South Bank; and, in 2007, Project 3 was held in a disused multi-storey car park in Covent Garden.  Now Project 4 is to be housed in the atmospheric vaults of Leake Street, Waterloo.
Although Breuer-Weil had conceived the idea of painting The Project as early as 1989, he took several years to achieve his vision.  The Project series represents Breuer-Weil’s most comprehensive production; it is a monument to humanity and modern life and, as such, is a testament to the city that inspired it."

When - 7th February - 24th March, Monday-Saturday, 10am - 6pm, Sunday, 12 - 4pm

Events: Saturday 9th February, 2.30pm: curator-led exhibition tour
Sunday 17th February, 2.30pm: curator-led exhibition tour
Tours are free and non-ticketed but will operate on a first-come first-served basis.

Where - The Vaults, Arch 233, Leake St, SE1 8SW
(It's not particularly clear on the map, but Leake St runs between Station Approach and York Road)

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