Sunday 6 January 2013

The Foragers at The Dead Dolls Club in Dalston

Last weekend The Foragers took over the catering at The Dead Dolls Club in Dalston.  As the name suggests The Foragers cook wild and foraged food, including rabbits, deer and game.  They'll be cooking during the evening Wednesday - Friday, and lunch and dinner at the weekends.  This is not a pop-up specifically, but both The Foragers and The Dead Dolls Club have come out of the pop-up movement.

"The Dead Dolls Club started as a design studio and expanded into creating unique dining experiences. They recently opened a new home on Kingsland Road in Dalston where all the collective talents came into their own under one roof – food, cocktails, design, and partying.
In keeping with the weather, the final months of the year saw The Stew House pop up running the kitchen. 
In 2013 The Dead Dolls Club are pleased to welcome The Foragers wild food kitchen as our resident chefs.
The guys behind The Foragers at The Verulam Arms (recently voted #1 restaurant in St Albans, Hertfordshire) are George and Gerald, avid food foragers they’re set to show Londoners how satisfying a country feast of hunted and gathered ingredients can be. They scour the Shires daily to find wild plants, herbs, fruits along with a variety of game & fish from by their group of hunters & fishermen. 
The Foragers menu is seasonal so expect wild meats & fish incorporated with the likes of blackthorn flowers, hogweed shoots, nettles, ramsons, berries & many more made into some exciting dishes and taste combinations by their talented chefs, changing on a weekly basis.  
The Dead Dolls Club’s ninja bar staff will also be incorporating foraged flavours into our weekly cocktail specials menu so expect something fresh and exciting."

When - Opened 4th January 2013, Wednesday - Sunday (until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights)


Link - The Dead Dolls Club
Link 1 - The Foragers Mobile Fodder

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