Sunday 25 September 2016

A Map of the Pop-up Bars at London Cocktail Week 2016

As in previous years, I've created a map showing the location of the pop-up bars open during London Cocktail Week, which runs from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th October 2016.  (There will also be lots of special things happening at permanent bars around London - details here)

First you need to buy a wristband, which you can do online here.  You will need to collect this from the hub, shown in GOLD on the map, at the London Cocktail Village in OLd Spitalfields Market, which will play host to more than 20 popup bars, including the Patron Cocktail Lab, and the Sipsmith Gin Shop, and some interesting collaborations, including  Tia Maria + Coffee Project, and Jim Beam with Bodeans BBQ.

You can also collect your wristband from the Western hub in Soho, at World Class House, 4-6 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DQ, but I've left this off the map.

Among the highlights in the East, around Shorditch and Spitalfields are...7

Woodford Reserve's The Woodford Alliance, in 471-473 The Arches Dereham Place, EC2A 3HJ

The Fentiman's Apothecary, at Wright Brothers, 8a Lamb Street, Old Spitalfields Market, E1 6EA,

Finnish Kyro Rye Distillery's The Kiro Tourism Agency at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, 32-34 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DA

& even 

The Sailor Jerry Tattoo Shop at Cloak & Dagger, 34 Cheshire St, E2 6EH (Where you can get one of a choice of several free Sailor Jerry tattoos)

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