Saturday 30 December 2017

Mr Singh's Sunday Brunch Club at Johnny Rocco's Bar in Forest Gate, E7

Mr Singh's Sauce has started running a weekly brunch at Johnny Rocco's Bar, in Forest Gate, E7, close to their home.  Running every Sunday, the menu isn't just for fans of the spicy chilli saucies, but also includes pancake stacks, a traditional (ish) Full English, but also has a Punjabi Parantha, a traditional Indian dish, with flatbreads.  Can't wait to try this one out!

"Imagine going to Mum’s house for brunch. All the food is made and all you need to do is simply enjoy! This is exactly what our Brunch Club is all about. We want to make you smile by putting delicious food in your belly. 100% freshly prepared and 100% Vegan. 
Menu includes:
Warm fluffy pancakes, drizzled with sticky maple syrup topped with a selection of fresh berries 
Nutella on pan toasted bread with cinnamon bananas, mixed berries, crushed hazelnuts, chopped raw chocolate and raspberry sauce
Slow cooked scrambled “eggs”, baked beans, garlic and herb mushrooms, caramelised tomatoes seasoned with herbs, juicy Lincolnshire sausages and toasted bread
For any Mr or Mrs Singh, Parantha’s are the ultimate brunch dish. If mum was making them you would be there in a flash. 
A type of pan cooked flatbread to be enjoyed either on its own or stuffed. We recommend 2-3 depending on how hungry you are. All hand cooked and lightly spiced or stuffed.
Plain / £2 – with seasoning and ajwain 
Aloo / £2.5 – creamy mash potato
Gobi / £2.5 – spiced cauliflower 
*All served with yogurt and pickle"

When - Sundays, from 11am - 4pm

Where - Johnny Rocco’s Bar, Arch 437, Cranmer Road, Forest Gate, E7 0JN

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Link 1 - Facebook event
Link 2 - Mr Singh's Sauce

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