Sunday 14 October 2018

Sho Foo Doh's Okonomiyaki Residency at the Institute of Light in London Fields

Sho Foo Doh aka Japanese chef Fumio Tanga is bringing is Okonomiyaki to the Institute of Light in London Fields for a 6 month run, starting Wednesday 17th October 2018.  It will be serving 4 nights a week - Wednesdays to Saturdays - don't miss this great and authentic Japanese cuisine!

"Chef Fumio Tanga and his Okonomiyaki "松風堂/Sho Foo Doh" team present unclassic Japanese snacks + Hiroshima style okonomiyaki four nights a week from Wednesday to Saturday, 6 'til 10pm.
“There are a few different okonomiyaki styles in different regions in Japan. The most popular and well-known one worldwide is the Osaka-style, which is a more doughy pancake where all the ingredients are mixed into the batter. Hiroshima-style on the other hand is more layered, starting with a thin crepe, loads of vitamin K boosting cabbages, beanshoots, pork belly, egg noodles and an omelette, with sauce, mayo, benishoga ginger and scallions on top.” Fumio Tanga"

When - Weds-Sat til March 2019
Weds-Sat 6pm - 10pm

Where - Institure of Light, Arch 376, 10 Helmsley Place, London E8 3SB

Reservations - Please book through OpenTable here


Get directions with Citymapper

Link - Sho Foo Doh on Twitter

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