Sunday 6 January 2019

The Black Mirror 'Bandersnatch' Pop-up at Old Street Roundabout

Netflix has created a pop-up to tie in with the release of the Black Mirrir 'choose your own adventure' episode Bandersnatch.  It's called Tucker's Newsagent & Games', it's in the store next to the old entrance to Magic Roundabout (which closed in 2018).  I visited on Saturday 5th January, and was able to take pics through the window of items including mocked up 80s-style VHS covers for Black Mirror episodes, including Nosedive, plus fake game posters and more.  The man selling juices and smoothies in the store next door thought that it might be open next week (from Mon 7th), but it's possible it will never actually open, and just serve as an elaborate billboard...  Great concept though! 

"A pop-up store inspired by the Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch has appeared at London’s Old Street tube station.
The shop, named Tucker’s Newsagent and Games was first spotted yesterday (January 2), before the shutters were lifted this morning to reveal the whole display.
An initial glimpse reveals that the 80s themed store is decked out with promotional materials for some of the Tuckersoft games that feature in the Netflix film – including Valdack’s Revenge, Nohzdyve and the titular Bandersnatch.
There’s also subtle references to other Black Mirror offerings too, including the acclaimed San Junipero and 2017’s USS Callister.
However, there’s the small matter of a ‘Be Right Back’ sign that hangs on the window – meaning that fans will have to admire the faithful recreation from the outside."

When - Until 11th or 12th January 2019 (I understand)
Note - it's possible that the shop will never actually be open, and is just a billboard...

Where - In the tunnels under Old St Roundabout - next to the old entrance to Magic Roundabout (RIP)


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Link - Story on NME

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