Sunday 17 February 2019

Pol Boy's Serendip Sri Lankan Supper Club in Brixton

Sri Lankan dining is coming to Brixton on Saturday 2nd March, when the Serendip supper club takes over the Brixton Pound Cafe for the evening.  It costs just £24 for the evening, to sample a number of shared plates - to be enjoyed 'family style' by the whole table - in a fun atmosphere.  Expect curries, vegetable dishes, rice and lots more from 'Pol Boy' and his friendly supper club!

"Serendip is an Old Persian name for Sri Lanka. It is also the etymological root of the word serendipity. It is said that serendipity is the hungry traveler's strongest ally: many of their most memorable meals issue from the hands of generous strangers. Serendip Supper Club is a space for strangers to discover the joys of Sri Lankan culture through the island’s food.
Rice and curry is the staple food in Sri Lanka which is why many people conflate Sri Lankan cuisine with Indian food. Yet, the food in Sri Lanka is markedly different from the food in India. A proper Sri Lankan meal will consist of an vibrant array of flavours, colours, and textures. Everything is shared on the table. There are no individual meals. Sitting down at dinner with the family will involve six or seven dishes being passed around and the family matriarchs will never allow a plate to be left without food on it for more than a few seconds.
However, Sri Lankan food is not for the unadventurous. Heavily spiced curries, tempered vegetables, and chilli-laden sambols are all full of flavour and certainly pack a punch. Watered down versions are unacceptable. At Serendip Supper Club you will find food that is unapologetically Sri Lankan."

When - Saturday 2nd March 2019

Where - Brixton Pound Café, 77 Atlantic Rd, SW9 8PU

Tickets - £24 from EatWith here + it's BYOB!


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