Sunday 3 March 2019

'The Viewing' Immersive Adventure Game at Ninth Life in Catford

The Viewing is a pop-up theatre show and immersive adventure game within nine rooms of the new Ninth Life pub in Catford (formerly The Goose).  Created by Buck Buck Games, it starts when some 'Estate Agents' take you for a viewing of a flat above the pub, and then strange things start to happen...  It takes place on Friday and Saturday nights in March, costs £25, and lasts an hour, with 'performances' starting every half hour from 7pm to 9pm.  Sounds brilliant!

"Make your appointment with Morgan Turnkey estate agents for a completely normal property viewing in the up-and-coming district of Catford 
This March, Catford’s Ninth Life pub will open the doors to its brand new 9 room immersive adventure space with its first ever production: ‘The Viewing,’ an escape room inspired interactive theatre and gaming experience.   
Adventurers will be greeted by ‘Estate Agents’ to view a flat above the pub - but as the viewing unfolds, the story will take an unexpected and otherworldly turn.
Inspired by local rumours that the building sits on mysterious ley lines – which are said to be portals to other worlds, times and realities – ‘The Viewing’ leads players through a matrix of rooms where they will encounter different characters, challenges and tasks. 
Slip back in time to a vintage gin palace, escape the evil machinations of a giant cat, listen to the whisperings of the forest men: anything is possible once the portal is open – even getting on the London property ladder!
‘The Viewing’ was conceived by Buck Buck Games, the mad minds behind The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar, and Ninth Life Creative Director Dr Claire MacNeill. 
The adventure takes place on the upper floors of new pub Ninth Life. Its name takes inspiration from legendary local cat themes and the idea that if humans had nine lives – the ninth really needs to be the one that counts.  Inspired by festival culture, Ninth Life celebrates a plethora of art forms and activities with music, performance, escapism and play at the top of the agenda."

When - Fridays & Saturday from 8th - 30th March 2019
Start times from 7pm - 9pm

Where - Ninth Life, 167 Rushey Green SE6 4BD

Tickets - £25 from Design My Night here

Get directions with Citymapper

Link 1 - Ninth Life
Link 2 - Buck Buck Games

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