Monday 22 July 2019

Venetian Bar All'Arco's 3 Day Residency at Polpo in Soho

For three days the Venetian bàcaro, All'Arco will be popping up at Polpo in Beak Street, Soho, serving their signature 'Cichèti' snacks and pouring plenty of spritz, bottle-fermented Prosecco and young northern Italian wines.  They will be serving for just three days - Tuesday 30th July to Thursday 1st August - and only from 1pm-7pm (2pm-8pm on the Tuesday) - so be quick if you want to catch this.  I suspect that it will be very popular! 

"From Tuesday 30th July until Thursday 1st August, the world-renowned Venetian bàcaro, ALL’ARCO, will journey to London for a residency at POLPO, Beak Street.
Chef Matteo Pinto, who co-owns and runs the Venetian hole-in-the-wall dining spot along with father Francesco and mother Anna, will recreate their celebrated menu of cichèti by taking over the entire bar area at the front of the Beak Street restaurant. POLPO will be marking its 10th birthday in September this year.
Situated just a stone’s throw from Rialto Market, ALL’ARCO is bàcaro famed for its cichèti and regional wines that served as inspiration to Russell Norman, co-founder of POLPO, in his creation of the eponymous Beak Street restaurant ten years ago.Francesco Pinto took over the century-old bàcaroin 1996 and now shares the tiny kitchen with his son Matteo, who is the fourth generation of the Pinto family to run a restaurant in Venice.
ALL’ARCO’s reputation draws locals, cichèti aficionados and food tourists alike from around the world to its small and humble bar close to the world-famous Rialto Bridge. Named after the crumbling stone arch in the alley outside, ALL’ARCO embodies the distinctive flavours of Venice, serving classics such as:sarde in saor(sweet and sour sardines) and baccalà mantecato(creamed salt cod). It is also famed for its inventive but respectful use of seasonal fish, meat and vegetables, all sourced directly from the morning’s market. And like its Venetian mothership, the Soho pop-up will be pouring plenty of spritz, bottle-fermented Prosecco and young northern Italian wines.
Cichèti (which is the Venetian spelling of cicchetti – a word that derives from the Latin “ciccus” meaning “little” or “nothing”) will be prepared behind the counter directly in front of guests at POLPO, just like they are in Venice, for 6 hours on each day. Matteo will be joined by ALL’ARCO chefs Tommaso dall’Acqua and Lorenzo Bettio, and the three Venetians will be making everything to-order, based entirely on what they have been able to source locally – a truly Venetian philosophy. As Matteo is fond of saying: “I make cichèti by the minute, not by the hour!”"

When - Tuesday 30th July - Thursday 1st August 2019
Tues 30th - 2pm to 8pm
Weds 31st & Thurs 1st - 1pm to 7pm 

Where - Polpo, 41 Beak St, W1F 9SB

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Link - Polpo 

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