Sunday 8 March 2020

Metaxa's 12 Star Cocktail at Sharps Barber & Shop off Tottenham Court Road

Get a haircut and have a free cocktail!  Until the end of March when you book an appointment at Sharps Barber and Shop in Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, you will get a free Metaxa 12 Stars cocktail - either with Ginger Ale, or as an 'Irish Coffee'.  Sharps is open Mondays to Saturdays - go and get smart!

"From now until the end of March, with each booking at Sharps Barber and Shop, every guest will receive a complimentary Metaxa 12 Stars cocktail, bringing the spirit of winter to life with Metaxa's unique taste of Samos Muscat wines, aged wine distillates and Mediterranean botanicals to life. Guests are invited to get ready in style with a selection of Metaxa 12 Stars cocktails, including Metaxa Ginger Rocks, complete with Metaxa 12 Stars and Ginger Ale, or a Metaxa 12 Stars twist on the Irish coffee with whipped cream and nutmeg. Featuring old school barbershop decor and quality grooming for the modern day man, Sharps believes that being prepared in life can make all the difference."

When - Til end of March 2020
Mon - 10am-7pm
Tues-Thurs - 10am-8pm
Fri - 10am-7pm
Sat - 10am-6pm
Sun - Closed

Where - Sharps Barber & Shop, 9 Windmill St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2JF

Booking - via Sharps here


Link 1 - Sharps Barbers
Link 2 - Metaxa on Instagram

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