Thursday 23 April 2020

Chefs & Restaurants Offering Meal Kits During Lockdown

We're now a month into lockdown, and more and more restaurants are now offering takeaways, produce boxes and more, to keep revenue coming in, and to keep offering a service to their loyal customers.

One new feature is the number of independent restaurants now offering meal kits - ways to cook the restaurants own dishes in your own home.  These are the ones I have seen so far; keep checking back for more.

Burgers, Hotdogs & Tacos

Truffle - A kit to cook 4 of Truffle's excellent burgers - meat or veggie.
Available - Around London, but check by DM-ing them on Instagram (@trufflelondon) or via WhatsApp (07565611749)
Price - £25

Patty & Bun - Everything you need to make two burgers - Choose Ari Gold (cheeseburger) or Smokey Robinson (with smokey mayo) - Add your own tomatoes and lettuce.
Available - Delivery within the M25
Price - £25

Mac & Wild's Venimoo Box - Make 4 of their famous venison & beef burgers - you can also get their 'dirty brunch burger'
Available - Nationally
Price - £28

Baggio Burger - Make 4 Topolino burgers or 4 bacon cheeseburgers #flippinbueno
Available - London postcodes
Price - £25 and £30

Anglo Thai - A kit to make four hot dogs, fusing British and Asian flavours.  New sets released every morning, and these often sell out
Available - Delivery in Greater London
Price - £25

Cue Point - Slow-cooked, smoked meats and 'Nacos' (naan bread tacos) or buns, to re-heat and assemble at home
Available - Delivered in North and East London
Price - £30 and £50

The Poutinerie - A DIY poutine kit - these sell out incredibly quickly, but keep checking back and follow their socials to get one
Available - Delivered around London
Price - ??

British & European

Pizza Pilgrims - A cook-at-home pizza kit, where you cook a pizza in a frying pan, and then add the different toppings.
Available - On Deliveroo, near to their site in Victoria, and soon to be available by post nationally.
Price - £15

Jimmy's Paella Box - Jimmy's Pop-up is offering lots of different 'Isolation Hampers' including a Sunday Roast Box, and a Paella Box which gives you everything you need to cook a classic paella, with Sangria (both are for two people).
Available - Delivered to several South and West London postcodes
Price - £75 for the paella, Sunday Roast is from £40 - £60 depending on the choice of meat

Riding House Cafe - Several 'cook at home' kits for some of their classic dishes, including a full English breakfast box for 2 people.
Available - Within a few miles of the restaurant in Fitzrovia
Price - Varies - Full English is £23

Lina Stores - buy produce & more for delivery - inc two pasta meal kits and a pizza meal kit.
Available - Delivered around London
Price - £32

Dinner Ladies - A new Brunch Club meal kit, inc bagels, oak smoked salmon, lemon caper cream cheese
Available - Delivered in South London
Price - From £23

Vegan & Vegetarian

The Vurger Co - A kit to cook either two of four of their most popular vegan burgers, so that you can have a burger night at home.
Available - Nationally
Price - £17.95 for 2, £34.95 for 4.

The Cheese Bar - Fondue It Yourself - Everything you need for a two person fondue party, inc the cheese, the wine, and an optional stand for your saucepan
Available - Nationally - order online here
Price - £45 (no stand) or £65 (with stand)


Hop & Roll - Everything you need to make Sri Lankan Hoppers - including a pan and a specialist spatula - in one box.
Available - Posted nationally - Order by emailing
Price - £39.99 + £5 p&p

Kricket - A Kricket at Home curry kit - also in partnership with HG Walter, also incredibly popular, with new stock added at 9am each day
Available - Delivery in Greater London
Price - £35

Farang - 4 different Thai curry kits - Green, Red, Jungle & Massaman - with pastes and more (but provide your own meat if you need it).
Available - Email them on with your order, your name and your phone number.  Collect from their restaurant in N5.
Price - £18 for each kit

Lahpet - Burmese noodle and salad kits from the restaurant in Shoreditch
Available - Within 10 miles of Shoreditch
Price - Approximately £12

Dishoom - A kit to bake their legendary Bacon Naan at home.  Serves 2
Available - National delivery
Price - £16  

Middle Eastern

Good Egg - A 'Bake your own Babka' kit, with all the ingredients you need to make their famous chocolate tahini babka cake
Availability - From Deliveroo near to their site in Stoke Newington.  Order on the Slerp site here
Cost - £25

Shuk - Shuk from Borough Market are offering a 'bake at home' Babka kit - order a single or a double - and DIY pita kits are coming soon
Available - Delivery within the M25
Cost - £25-32

Bubala - The Shoreditch restaurant is now selling awesome-looking Shakshuka kits.  Order by Wednesday for a Friday delivery
Available - delivery within a 5 mile radius of Shoreditch. 
Cost - £20

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