Friday 1 September 2023

Sho Foo Doh's Japanese Okonomiyaki at the Pretty Decent Beer Co Taproom in Forest Gate, E7


Sho Foo Doh, aka chef Fumio Tanga, has been popping up around London for over 10 years, serving his fantastic Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a sort of Japanese pancake filled with all sorts of goodness including noodles, bean shoots, cheese and kimchi.  He has just taken over the kitchen at The Pretty Decent Beer Co's taproom in Sheridan Road, Forest Gate, E7, serving his Japanese street food, including the okonomiyaki and other smaller plates like sesame panko cauliflower.

It is serving Thursdays to Sundays - evenings on the week nights, and then all day at the weekends.  Highly recommended, especially as the taproom is one of London's best. 

When - Thurs-Sun 

Thurs & Fri evenings, Sat & Sun from lunchtime

Where - The Pretty Decent Beer Co - Forest Gate Taproom, 340 Sheridan Rd, London E7 9EF


Sho Foo Doh on Instagram

Pretty Decent Beer Co on Instagram

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