Thursday 12 January 2012

Review - The Secret Burger at The Opera Tavern

Yesterday The Opera Tavern tweeted about a secret burger that they were trialling - you had to say a magic phrase to get it - and since it's relatively close to work, I popped down with a friend to try it out.

I really like The Opera Tavern.  I've been there before, and always had good food and service, and so I was looking forward to this.  We ordered about 6 things from the menu, including the secret 'Horn' venison burger, the courgette flowers, the chorizo with piquillo, and the fritas.  All were delicious!

There was quite a lot of amusement when we ordered the burger, and they seemed as delighted as we were with the mock subterfuge.  The burger itself was excellent - small, like a slider, and very tender and tasty.

Apparently they test things regularly, and this is just the latest.  They'd made a limited number of the burgers, and wanted to know the reaction, with a view to possibly putting it on the menu.  It's certainly a fun way to do things, and a good way to create a bit of buzz and entertainment for twitter followers.  We had a great night.

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