Tuesday 14 February 2012

The South West Supper Club's 'Wild' Nights in Balham & Wandsworth

Jimmy Garcia of the South West Supper Club has announced two new dates for supper clubs in SW London.  I met Jimmy on Sunday (full profile to come) and he's told me that he's now focussing on Wild & Foraged events.  The next two are in two different locations, one in Balham (Thursday), and one in Wandsworth (Friday).

Jimmy is a very inspirational chef, and these two events sound great!

Wine Tasting & Wild Food

When - Thursday 23rd February

Where - The Wine Tasting Shop, 18 Hildreth Street, Balham, London, SW12 9RQ

Cost - £55 for 4 courses - call (0)208 616 8658 to book.


Link - The Wine Tasting Shop

Wild & Foraged

When - Friday 24th February

Where - A private house in Wandsworth.  Address revealed on booking

Cost - 3 courses for £30.  To book email southwestsupperclub@gmail.com

Link - South West Supper Club on Facebook

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